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Six Style Tips for Tall Girls

Calling all women ‘5”7 and up!

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How to Deal With a Terrible Boss

Never stoop to their level.

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6 Instagram Bloggers for Fall Inspiration

Nothing makes you want to go shopping more than seeing candid photos of fashion bloggers on Instagram.

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12 Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Now that the summer is over, our mood for style is changing as far as choices for formal wear goes.

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All Choked Up with Kay Unger

Kay Unger is taking the choker trend to a formal evening wear level.

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Crazy Trends We Never Thought Would Be a Thing

From fashion faux pas to fashion oh yaaaassss.

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Brand Spotlight

Kay Unger Fall Collection 2016

Misty, black shades and deep gem colors symbolize the shifting of the bright pastel-y yellows and coral pinks of summer to a sultry autumn equinox.

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10 LRDs to Make a Bold Statement

Songs have been written about women in red dresses.

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