What We Love About Lady Gaga’s Newest Album, “Joanne”

Alyssa Ruane
February 05, 2017

Lady Gaga was amazing last night during the half time show!!

From that first time we heard her futuristic-sounding “Poker Face”in 2008 to the time she made us wonder about who the heck “Alejandro” was, the singer has had no shortage of hits. She has continuously put out amazing albums that show different sides of her musical abilities–sometimes, we’re found wondering if there’s anything she can’t do.

Her newest album, Joanne is the perfect testament that to that statement. While we have come to love Gaga for her punchy pop sounds, she was not afraid to go a slightly different route with Joanne. Not only is the branding completely different, but so is the music. Erring more on the folky and stripped-down side, Gaga’s new album is full of reasons to love it.

First, there’s the fashion component. We’re used to seeing Lady Gaga clad in some mind-boggling ensemble that goes harshly against any conventional fashion rules. Remember that time she wore a raw meat dress to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? Ah, yes, confusing times. However, this time around, she’s opted for a much more simplistic style. Her signature look at she tours the country publicizing the album has been generally a white outfit complete with the iconic pink Western hat seen on the album cover. Her new style has become so memorable, in fact, that people dressed as Lady Gaga’s “Joanne” for Halloween, even though the album debuted shortly beforehand on October 21. The whole feel of her new look is very western, and we are big fans.

The next thing we love, of course, is the music. Lady Gaga includes some beautiful ballads as well as some Americana-style tracks, proving that she can pretty much nail any music style she wants. Without a lot of music accompaniment–sometimes just her piano–we are able to fully appreciate Gaga’s voice for its pure cadence and sound. Of course, she still has a banger that will be played in clubs soon enough (Hey, “A-Yo”), but she does a great job of covering a range of song types.

Lastly, we love the stories her songs tell. Joanne is a very emotional album for Gaga, and you can tell when she plays some of her most heartfelt tracks live. Some people wonder if “Perfect Illusion” is about the breakup with her fiancee, and when you listen to the lyrics, you can’t help but believe it is. Another song, “Angel Down” is supposedly about the Trayvon Martin case, which is a thoughtful way to recognize cultural events and her position on them. Oh, and the name of the album (and the resulting title track)? It was inspired by her Aunt Joanne, who she never had the chance to meet because Joanne passed away. An interesting tribute no doubt, Joanne leaves a lot up to the imagination, which is fun to decode as you go from track to track.

What’s your favorite song from Joanne?


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