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12 Reasons Why Basics Love Brunch

Allison Kuehn
May 17, 2016

378x147_cardsBrunch seems to have taken on a persona that extends beyond the practical idea of “breakfast + lunch.” It is a cultural identity characteristic of “basic” (along with Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, an obsession with Kate Middleton’s style, and still quoting Mean Girls). However, there is a history behind how brunch has gained such notoriety leading up until the cultural roots it has planted today. It all began in 1939 when the New York Times declared Sunday a “two-meal day”. It became socially acceptable only during a Sunday afternoon to consume alcohol in public during daytime hours (this was especially pertinent to women). It became popular on the Upper-East coast, then on the West Coast, and eventually trickling into the Midwest. It was a solid signifier of class and social status.

Today, brunch is convenient for millennials because we all like to sleep in and skip breakfast. Brunch gives us more leeway to our schedules on weekends because it starts in the morning and extends to late afternoon. Farha Ternikar, author of History of Brunch observed, “Since consumer incomes have declined since the end of the Great Recession, it may be surprising that consumers have been showing more interest in brunch. But it makes sense: many people are working fewer hours over the last 20 years, allowing them to spend their time more liberally.” Like its inception in past-prohibition era days, brunch has still remained a way to socialize. Every 20-something in the past few years has at least once posted a pic on Snapchat depicting their Bloody Mary or Mimosa with a restaurant logo or name of a city. “Brunch continues to grow anywhere there is disposable income or disposable time,” Ternikar told the Washington Post. “Hipsters might not always have the income, but they may have the time.”

From hipster to basic, here are 12 reasons we all adore brunch on a fine Sunday afternoon:

1. Bottomless mimosas or bottomless Bloody Marys for under $30
2. Because you feel too old to go out past 2 a.m. on Saturdays
3. If your budget is tight, brunch doubles as breakfast and lunch (obviously)
4. It’s a perfect hangover cure when you don’t feel like cooking
5. You feel too sophisticated or too tired to go out to a club for your birthday, so you throw a brunch party
6. Perfect excuse for a Sunday Funday drinking during the day.
7. Gossip time with your girlfriends – or ahem, intellectual political discussion about the upcoming elections
8. An excuse to have an Instagram photo session
9. Perfect opportunity to show off that sundress that’s been perpetually hanging in your closet
10. No guilt about eating breakfast at 11am
11. Sports season + newly single = perfect opportunity
12. One word: bacon

Now that we are done self-analyzing, here are some cute outfit ideas for brunch on much varying occasions:

Brunch with the family at a country club


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Chic brunch with girlfriends at an outdoor lounge


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Casual brunch at a dive bar-esque joint with hipsters


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