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4 Dresses That Will Get You Through a Breakup

March 08, 2017


As winter begins to loosen its stranglehold on the Northern Hemisphere, spring enters. It’s the time for lighter jackets (like this adorbs Poncho from Olive + Oak), brighter colors (get involved with this Karen Zambos Cleo Dress), and, well, the end of relationships (here’s a box of Kleenex and some time off to watch This Is Us

If winter is for cuddling, the spring/summer season is for all the carefree debauchery you’ve been deprived of while you stayed in on weekend nights to make mulled wine and watch Big Little Lies with your (now ex-) babe. So whether you’re the dumper of the dumpee, it’s time to throw out your sweatpants and invest in some gear that’ll make you the talk of the town–or at least Tinder. Herewith, four dresses that will get you through this transitional time, no matter the type of guy you happen to find yourself with.

Date #1 – The Finance Dude

If you met your new guy through some sort of millionaire matchmaker site, this cut-out midi dress from Jay Godfrey will serve you well, whether you’re on a first date or if he decides to take you to a charity dinner a few months from now. Elegant, sexy, classic, rich.

Date #2 – The Venice Beach Bro

Sometimes a date doesn’t mean getting dressed up and going to dinner. Sometimes it means strolling Abbot Kinney for some avocado toast brunch and then hitting the beach to have a convo on the sand. Sound familiar? You’ll want this breezy baby from Walter Baker.

Date #3 – The Let’s-Meet-My-Mother-Too-Soon Guy

Everyone dates at their own pace. Some are just quicker than others. In the instance that the second date involves meeting your new guy’s mother, you’ll be thankful you’ve got this chic but friendly looking floral number from Single Dress.

Date #4 – The Club Kid

Models and bottles! If your boy is into sparklers and champagne, might we suggest this short and sexy piece. Grab a flute of the bubbly and celebrate how good you look in Single’s Agatha dress. Freedom suits you, girl.


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