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Analysis of Kate Middleton’s Popularity

Allison Kuehn
May 15, 2016

378x147_cardsKate Middleton seems to always be in the headlines, especially after her recent Vogue UK shoot for their 100th anniversary. It is common knowledge that yeah, she married Prince William, is well-educated, elegant and is the future Queen of England. She has even given birth to 2 adorable children within the past 2 years and still manages to keep a size 0 frame. She has a life that we all envy (obviously, that goes without saying.)

The enigma behind Kate Middleton’s popularity is the fact that she seemed to fall into her role by pure luck. Unlike Princess Diana, she was not born into royalty, she had an ordinary upbringing in a more middle-class background (or as the British would say, she is a “commoner”.) She just happened to be attending the same university and inhabiting the same dormitory building as Prince William when they first met, imagine that.

Celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow all seem the most relatable to the rest of us. They don’t necessarily have stunning looks and flawless features like, say a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, but they seem to have a timeless elegance and grace that is difficult to copy. Kate Middleton gives off a girl-next-door vibe that is disguised at the height of regal British fashion.

Watching her in the public eye makes young women believe that royalty is attainable if you stay well-put together and have a good education. Whether it may be true or not, we can always dream. After all, Prince Harry is still a bachelor…

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