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Crazy Trends We Never Thought Would Be a Thing

Alyssa Ruane
August 30, 2016

378x147_cardsFashion is funny, isn’t it? Just when you think you know it, it dyes its hair, changes its name to something like Rain, and does a total 180 from the way it once acted.

I mean, think about all the “rules” it once swore by. Wearing socks with sandals was tacky tourist fare, wearing shirts under dresses was meant for misinformed schoolgirls, and tying a shirt around your waist was more for necessity than style.

And now look.

Wearing socks with your Kay Unger Garlistes Heels is chic as hell. Layering a tight turtleneck under your Olive + Oak Riley Shift Dress is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged.

And let’s not forget how not too long ago we were trying to unsee that photo of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake showing up to the 2001 VMAs in cringeworthy denim ensembles. Though we aren’t quite wearing denim cowboy hats like JT, we are wearing denim dresses and double-denim outfits.

What happened to our disgust!? Have we no self control?

 Lastly, we have the signature elementary school ensemble that was born mostly for function: tying a shirt/jacket around your waist. In the old days, we’d do this in case we got a little chilly inside or (tell me I’m not the only one) if we had something on the back of our pants and needed a stealthy cover-up. Now? We’re wearing the Olive + Oak Blue Skies Plaid Shirt around our waists just because it looks grungy and oozes ‘90s angst.

Fashion, how did we get here? And more importantly, how did all of these faux pas magically get chic makeovers? One time, I saw Kendall Jenner wearing a shirt under her dress, so I went out and bought a shirt to wear under my dress.


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