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No Jeans Week

Kayla Tanenbaum
December 12, 2016

Every magazine article about jeans contains one or more of the following words: iconic, classic, versatile, staple. And they are. I’ve worn jeans nearly every day of my life since I turned 6 and gave up the floral dresses I had been wearing exclusively. Lately, though, I’m sick of jeans. I don’t like my options: either plain skinny jeans, which feel boring (dare I say, basic) or jeans so trendy they feel like they’re going against the entire point of denim, which is to be, simple, easy, cool. There’s nothing cool about faux shreds and rips or jeans so cropped and flared that when you look at your Instagram photos less than 6 months later you’ll cringe in the ones where you’re wearing those pants.

So for a week, I refused to wear jeans. And I certainly was not going back to the floral party dresses—I’m thoroughly a pants girl—so I started exploring my options. There are so many fabrics: khaki and other chino-like cottons, louche satin, pants so thick that they almost hold themselves up, tailored sweats, wool… I could go on. Refusing to wear jeans opened up my style in ways I hadn’t experimented in weeks. I wore a sleeveless tunic over cropped black skinny pants; I paired a silk, lace camisole with wide-legged plaid wool pants; I wore a ribbed turtleneck with boyfriend style khakis…  I had style.

Give up your jeans this week. Try some pants. Not only will the restriction push to you be more creative, but also you’ll feel like a real grown ass woman.


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