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Reasons You Should Be Spring Cleaning Right Now

March 21, 2017


This weekend, a nice breeze pouring through my windows, I spent about three hours cleaning out my closets in the time-honored tradition known as Spring Cleaning. Yes, friends, I Spring Cleaned the shit out of my apartment. This was a no-stone-left-unturned kind of cleanout, where I was forced to come face-to-face with vintage blazers from the ‘90s I haven’t worn since the early aughts and shamefully tight jeans that never really fit to begin with. All in all, four garbage bags of clothes got donated to the local Salvation Army. And, damn, it felt good.

Spring cleaning offers a seasonal purging of that which you no longer wear. In theory, these are pieces you haven’t worn the whole last year (evidence of their irrelevancy, surely). In my personal practice, these are usually items I’ve held onto for about a decade.

Each old, unworn piece in my closet serves as a monument to my past–an homage to a time period that has long past. Yeah, I’m sort of holding onto my flared jeans from 2001 because I think they’ll eventually come back one day, but I’m also holding onto said jeans because they remind me of being in my twenties, being sort of broke, going out too much, and not really knowing how to dress myself. I’ll likely never wear them again, but I keep all these things so I can drag them out of a box once every ten years and say, “Hey! I was a hot young babe once with a tiny, tiny ass!” It’s like holding onto perfume bottles from the awful crap I used to wear in the 2nd grade just to maintain a connection to my youth.

The problem is, maintaining a connection to your youth takes up valuable space, something most people in New York City don’t have. And, in the instance of thinking you’ll wear something again years down the line, you’re not taking into account the idea of growth, literally and figuratively. Five years from now, I hope I look at the trendy pieces today as things my taste and finances have moved beyond. Spring cleaning leaves space for the new you to change and evolve. And leaves more room in your closet for something like this CORAL HOODED PULLOVER from Karen Zambos.

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