5 Photo-Editing Hacks for Flawless Instagrams

Alyssa Ruane
December 07, 2016

Are your Instagram posts not getting as much love as you’d like? Is your follower count somewhat stagnant? It might be time to change things up a little and try some new techniques. One of the best profile-improving techniques for Instagram is to assess the quality of your photos. It is an image-sharing app, after all.

You might not think that your pictures are bad, but if you were to really sit down and compare your pics to those of an account with 11 thousand followers, don’t you think the quality is going to differ? The difference between those with great images and those whose photos could use a little TLC is not just their photo-taking abilities. You don’t have to be an amazing photographer (though it does help) to get loads of likes.
Instead, focus on improving a skill that is much more attainable than it is to become a professional photographer. What’s that skill? Photo-editing.

The best photogs are usually just those who can edit their images to really pop and exude extra beauty. Trust me, you’d cock your head in confusion if you saw a photographer’s raw film before editing. The difference is huge.

So, are you ready to spruce up your Instagram game with some quick and dirty photo-editing hacks? Here are my best tips.

1. Download a good editing app
The best ‘grammers don’t just slap on one of the built-in Insta filters and press publish. They actually have a couple other apps behind the scenes that offer other filters and editing features. A common app used as a replacement for Photoshop is @facetuneapp
On this app, you can smooth your skin, make your teeth whiter, and essentially make your selfie look totally airbrushed. Just don’t get carried away with editing yourself, because people notice, and it makes you look really silly. Tiny touch-ups are all you need.
2. Get different filters
Now, download an app that has better filters than those Instagram provides. My personal favorite is @vsco, which gives an indie and hipster feel to images, but there are plenty more that great grammers swear by such as @infltr and @enlightapp.
3. Amp up the contrast
It’s a generally-proven tactic that upping the contrast on your image will grab more attention and, thus, more likes. It especially helps items like the Stella & Jamie Monica Sweater Dress pop, drawing eyes to your super cute style. Again, just like other editing techniques, don’t overdo it. If your picture looks overly edited, it can come across as rookie. (And you’re trying to be a pro, remember?)
4. Focus up
Another trick for making your picture look higher quality is to increase the sharpness and a tad of the clarity. For those of us who don’t have nice cameras or iPhone 7s, this trick is a lifesaver.
5. Know where to crop
Lastly, remember that you don’t have to include everything pictured in your photo. To bring a new perspective and change things up a little, try out some different cropping techniques. For example, if your athleisure flatlay includes the Nesh NYC Sweatshirt and Reflect Leggings, consider not incuding a full view of the leggings, strategically placing one of the legs to reach outside of the frame.


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